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The Career Conversation is the leading provider of top-quality resources and guidance for your career journey. Whether you’re starting out, fresh out of study, looking to step into a new, more exciting role, or taking a complete career change, we have what you need. From resume and LinkedIn profile advice, to interview skills and techniques, we cover the complete journey to employment, and then beyond.

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Our experts have helped us compile a comprehensive set of resources, with articles and ‘how to’ guides for a huge range of topics. If you are an employer, you’ll find helpful insights regarding rapport building during interviews, tips for onboarding and induction, and advice on people management. Job seekers can explore our tips on boosting career prospects, finding the right path, dealing with rejection, and more.

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The internet is filled with articles offering advice on how to find a job, with a lot of it out of date, or just plain, old-fashioned wrong. The Career Conversation is a constantly evolving and growing archive of guidance and resources, all designed to provide the best in career and employment advice for every stage of the career journey.

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